Who Can Benefit

The Alexander Technique can help people learn to relieve chronic pain by developing more effective responses to common daily activities such as sitting, standing and walking. A series of lessons help the student to identify habits of moving that may be contributing to their pain.

Often people with back, neck and/or shoulder and/or joint pain have habits of unconsciously tightening in those areas as part of everyday movement. Lack of ease in movement requires excess effort and tension. This can lead to a cycle of recurring pain.

People who have postural issues find the Technique gives them insight to the impact of the head-neck-back relationship. The way we “hold” ourselves inadvertently leads to collapsing and slumping.

The Alexander Technique helps people with:

– Back, neck, shoulder, joint pain
– Muscle tension and stiffness
– Postural concerns
– Anxiety, stress-related conditions

People take lessons to relieve pain, to improve posture, to develop self-awareness or simply to enjoy the lightness and freedom of movement and poise they achieve.

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